Best Bridal Deals for Michaels for the Week of September 9th!



Michaels has a new deal going on this week. Michaels is running special in-store deals for each day this week. For instance, today you can score 2 rolls of Duck Tape (the artsy kind!) for only $7.00. That’s a deal! You have to check the site daily for their deals (or here!). This will run through September 15th. There are a ton of coupons available on the site this week that are not available in the flyer! YAY! LOTS OF DEALS!!! There is a coupon for 15% off regularly and sale priced autumn and halloween candles, scents and home fragrances. A copon for 10% off Spookytown collection items. A coupon for 50% off a regularly priced bakeware item. There is also a coupon on the site and in the flyer for 50% off any regularly priced item and 15% off regularly priced and sale priced gallery and strung beads. You can find the coupons here.


Here are the Michaels Bridal Deals for the Week of September 9th:

  • Ashland Fall Garlands, Handcrafted Floral Arrangements, Ashland Fall Fruit, Vegetables and Birds and Stems  50% off: This is the lowest price of the season. These are decent prices for this season but I would hold out if you are planning for Fall 2013.  These would be great for decorating tables or arches for a nice fall wedding!
  • Open Stock Paper, 6 for $1: I DO DEAL! You can use this paper for invitation backings, programs and even napkin rings!
  • Ashland Fall Bushes, 99 cents (regularly $2.99): I DO STOCK UP PRICE for Fall 2012…you can wait for the clearance if you are planning for Fall 2013. These can be used for awesome centerpieces!
  • Celebrate It 360 Ribbon, 50% off: I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!! This is the lowest price of the season!
  • T-shirts, 5 for $10: I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!! This sale includes color shirts as well. This is the lowest price of the season and it truly is a great price! Grab these to personalize for your bridal party for your rehearsal!
  • Glass Gems and River Rocks (regularly $2.79), $1: I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!!! This is the lowest price of the season …even with coupons! Stock up on these NOW! You can use these for centerpiece fillers! Note: The Dollar Tree sells black river rocks for $1 a bag all year round.
  • Ashland Fall Berries and Picks, 40% off
  • Celebrate It Harvest and Halloween Ribbon, 40% off
  • Celebrate it Harvest Leaves and Pinecones, $3.99 (regularly $4.99): okay price… I would wait!
  • New Style Baskets, 50% off: These can be sprayed and decorated for flower girls, used to store programs or for displaying favors.
  • Martha Stewart Acrylic and Glass Paints, 40% off : I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!! These can be used for everything!
  • Celebrate it Craft Pumpkins, 50% off (regularly $12.99): This is the lowest price of the season. These would make great additions to fall wedding centerpieces and you can use these year after year in decor or allow your guests to take them home! You won’t have to worry about natural pumpkin rot either! You can wait for the clearance if you are planning a 2013 fall wedding.
  • Ashland Fall Dried Decor and Straw Bales, 30% off: This is an okay price and they can be incorporated into beautiful fall centerpieces or ceremony decorations.
  • Ashland Decor Scents Candles and Home Fragrance, 40% off: Lowest price of the season. These would be beautiful favors (the votives) or add a beautiful touch to table settings for a fall wedding!
  • Celebrate It Harvest and Ashland Autumn Splendor Candle Holders and Glitter Pillar Candles, 40% off: These would be stunning for a winter or fall centerpiece!
  • Fall Chargers. 2 for $3 (regularly $1.99): not necessary at all especially on a budget but some people like them for pizazz at the tables…
  • Celebrate It Harvest Scarecrows, $5.99 (regularly $11.99): Outdoor fall wedding decorations?
  • Celebrate It Holiday Ribbon, 40% off: Great if you are preparing for a December/January wedding!
  • Celebrate It Christmas Picks. 30% off: December brides, if you can wait, the price will go lower.
  • SpookyTown Collection, 40% off: Remember to use the bonus 10% off coupon with your items!
  • Scrapbook and Photo Albums, 40% off: Great gifts for bridesmaids and family members, especially if you fill them with memories. I DO STOCK UP PRICE!
  • Recollections Stickers and Embellishments, 50% off: I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!! These can be used for embellishing invites and more!
  • Value Pack Cards and Envelopes, 50% off: I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!!! This is the perfect deal if you are handpainting, stamping or crafting your own invites!
  • Craft Punches, 50% off: I DO STOCK UP PRICE! These can be used to decorate favor tags, invites and placecards! I used them to make a custom look for our wedding and the effect was beautiful!
  • Brides Invitation Kits, $26.99 (regularly $39.99): Not  a bad price if you need a large number of invites!
  • Celebrate it and Gartner Studios Invites, 40% off: I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!!!! This is the lowest price of the season and it will spare you countless trips with coupons!
  • Favor Kits, $14.99 (regularly $19.99-$24.99): Okay price…better deal if you are buying the higher end kits.
  • Card Boxes, Guest Books, Flower Girl Baskets, Ring Bearer Pillows, Unity Sand and Candles, 30% off: Excellent deal if you need to buy things last minute; otherwise wait for weeks to come to use your 50% and 40% off coupons.
  • Spool O Ribbon, 3 for $1: Great deal and it occurs frequently. This type of ribbon is perfect for favor tags.
  • Celebrate It Luxe Ribbon, 50% off
  • Celebrate It Mega Ribbon, 30% off
  • Elmers White Foam Board. 99 cents (regularly $2.99): I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!! You can use this to post table seating cards and more!
  • Display Cases, $3.99 (regularly $9.79-$9.99): I DO STOCK UP PRICE! Great gifts when you fill them with memories!
  • Tabletop Frames, 50% off: Great for displaying photos at the wedding or as gifts!
  • Ashland Fall Potted Arrangements, 40% off: Cheaper than real flowers! You can use these as aisle  or altar decor for your ceremony!
  • Scrapbook Pack Paper, 40% off:  Great for invite backings and programs! You can also use this paper to make inexpensive napkin rings!



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