August 7th Bridal Show at the Hilton Garden Inn, Hamilton, NJ


There is a bridal show this Tuesday, August 7 at the Hiltonn Garden Inn in Hamilton, Nj. If you were interested in this reception/ceremony site or just want a night of free food and drinks(!)m be sure to register for this event for free here There will be tapas tastings, sample photo shoots in the garden, drinks and appetizers!, wedding cake, special discounts, bridal fashion show and door prizes! This sounds like an awesome week night out! Event begins at 6 pm! Get your bridesmaids or fiancé to join you for a great night out!

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Groupon Deal for Candy for Jersey Bound Brides!



If you are a Jersey bride and using candy in your wedding (favors, desserts…a candy station!), you may be interested in this deal from Groupon. Right now you can buy $27 worth of candy from Candylicious in Randolph, NJ for only $13! This equals to 3 pounds of candy for $13. Candylicious will give you three punches on a card. Each punch is for one pound of candy and can be redeemed one per day, per visit. Another option is to buy a six punch card and get six pounds for $25. This is a pretty good deal for bulk candy since it is usually costly. The Groupon must be used by January 2013.


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Fairleigh Dickinson University Bridal Show in Madison, NJ on July 31st!


This Tuesday, July 31st…there is a bridal expo at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Registration and admission are free! You may want to make reservations ahead of time here. There will be door prizes (a friend of mine once won a weekend resort trip!), planning ideas, registry information and more! This is a great place to price compare and to get ideas! Bridal shows actually help you save money! This is not the Hackensack campus but the Madison, NJ campus. Let us know any good deals or ideas you may have found!


Fairleigh Dickinson Bridal Show

Tuesday, July 31st

6:30 pm

Madison Ave

Madison NJ

Reserve your spot here!

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Calling All Jersey Brides!


There is a monstrous bridal show at Monmouth University this coming Monday, July 31st. This is great place to score some inspirations, freebies and vendors! You can also enter to win a beach front wedding at Water’s Edge. A good friend of mine won an all inclusive spa weekend at one of these shows! They are fun and can pay off! Reservations are required so head out of work early to have some bride to be fun!


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