Bridal Deals for A.C. Moore for the week of July 22nd!


There is a printable coupon at A.C. Moore for 40% off one regularly priced item. I am not seeing the flyer online anywhere!!! It was also missing from my paper. Hmmmmmmmm What’s going on A.C. Moore?!!


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Weekly Bridal Deals for AC Moore for the Week of July 15th


This week there is a coupon for 50% off one regular priced item. Michaels has the coupon deals this week (FOUR!!!)!


Here are the bridal deals for the week of July 15th:


  • 4 oz potpourri: 2 for $1 (can be used in vases for centerpieces or for bridal showers)
  • Willow hollow handle basket: $5, great for a flowergirl! These can be spraypainted and adorned with fake or real flowers for a nice touch!
  • Spool O’ Ribbon: 3 for $1, these can be used for invitations, centerpieces, bouquets and more!
  • 18 oz Solid Jar Candles: 3 for $10, these can be used to create as custom colors or scents for as centerpieces for either a wedding or shower. Guests would love to bring these home!
  • Aquatic Vases: $2.49, great for centerpieces and a good price!
  • Christmas Ornaments: $1.00, very nice selection! These can be used to adorn branches for centerpieces or would be awesome favors for a November/December wedding!
  • Wilton Icing Tub: $9.99, normally $16.99
  • Tulle Rolls: 2 for $3.99, great for decorating arches, churches and entrances! These are normally $2.99 to $3.99 each!
  • Curling Ribbon: 2 for $3, regularly $1.99. This ribbon is great for adding tags to favors.
  • 20 ct. Electric Mini Lights or 10 ct. Battery Operated Rice Lights: $1.99, these would look AWESOME in vases with branches or flowers! Great centerpiece addition!!! These are normally $2.99 each.
  • Tabletop Frames, 40% off, Acrylic Frames, 50% off: These can be used in centerpieces or as gifts for parents and bridal party.



This site is not affiliated with A.C. Moore. All information is for personal use only.

A.C. Moore Weekly Bridal Deals for July 1st


This site is not affiliated with A.C. Moore. All information is for personal use only.


The coupon for this week is a 40% off one regular priced item. There was an additional 40% off one regular priced item coupon in last week’s flyer that is good for this week. Not the best coupons this week!

  • 28 inch Plaster Pedestals: $8.88 (usually $14.99), can be used for ceremony decorations.
  • 50 count tea lights and citronella lights: $1.99 (great for table decorations)
  • 50% off spring florals and flower arrangements: These can be used for a spring wedding next year!
  • Jar Candles: 3 for $10 (can be used in centerpieces especially if you pick scents that go with your season or theme!)
  • 8 inch Ginger Jar or Gathering Vase: $3.99 (okay price for centerpiece vases)

A.C. Moore Coupon



This site is not affiliated with A.C. Moore. All information is for personal use only.

This week at A.C. Moore you can use a 50% coupon on Wednesday only. That can score you a great deal on one item. There is a 40% off coupon for the rest of the week.

 Here are the bridal deals for this week!:


  • Lauren Portrait Frames: $10, this is over 50% off and can be used as family or bridal gifts or to incorporate photos into centerpieces or decor
  • Miniature Clay Pots: 3 for $1. These can be spraypainted and filled with potted flowers or seed packets. These can be used as a splash of color as centerpiece surroundings and favors for a garden or spring/summer wedding.
  • 50 Count Value Pack Cards and Envelopes: $4.88. These are great for making your own invitations or thank you cards!
  • Candy Wafers: $1.99 (an okay deal)
  • K&C Scrapbooking Supplies: 40% off, great for programs and invitations!
  • Tea LIghts: $1.99, great price for wedding decor
  • Jar Candles: 3 for $10, can be used in centerpieces. You can match fragrances to your theme!
  • Bags and Baskets of Seashells: $1.99. These are a must for shore themed weddings and a decent price!



AC Moore Weekly Deals

This site is not affiliated with A.C. Moore. All information is for personal use only.

Bridal Deals for the Week of June 17th: There is a 50% off one item coupon available this week! Stock up!

  • All Wedding Favor Candy: 25% off (not the best deal, you are better of f  using the coupon on a nonsale day)


  • All Spring Floral: 50% off . This is great  for table decorations if your wedding is in spring of next year. Fake florals can also be used to decorate flower girl baskets, make hair accessories or to dress up invitations (small sprigs). Keep your eyes peeled…the price will probably drop further!


  • Scrapbook Paper: 6 for $1. This is a decent price if you are using it for invitations or programs.


  • Magnetic Notepads: 2 for $1. These would be great  favors! You can stamp them with a custom stamp or wrap them in cellphane with ribbons as favors.


  • Votive Holders: 3 for $1. These can be handpainted for favors or decorated with beading and glass rub ons. These can also be used as part of the centerpieces. $1 a table is not bad!


  • Tricoastal Boxes (decorative boxes): 40% off. These make keepsake , inexpensive card holders for the Big Day. The traditional card box will run about $50 and you will NEVER use it again! I used one of the decorative boxes and I still store keepsakes in it to this day. Plus it looks beautiful at the reception!


  • Rectangular, Cylinder and Square Vases: 50% off . Most coupons are only for 40% off  so this would be a great week to stock up on these vases for centerpieces. You can even use one for unity sand!