2013 Wedding Trends Receive a Beer Budget Makeover!

2013 Wedding Trends

Each year there are trends that every bride to be can see filling the pages of wedding periodicals and appearing in the nuptials of celebrities and champagne budget brides. Is it possible to achieve some of these fashionable chic trends without breaking the bank? I have taken the Top Thirteen 2013 Wedding Trends according to The Huffington Post and given them a friendly beer budget makeover without losing the elegance, style and your wallet!


  • Elegance- Long dresses, black tie, crystals and gold china are returning for sophisticated affairs full of elegance and luxury


  • Gold and black accents -You can add hanging crystals to your centerpieces (look for prisms or glass over plastic) and simple black and gold accents in places like seat covers, napkins, tablecloths and seating cards. Most venues offer you the option to customize your linen color choices at no additional cost! You can also have bridesmaids wear long full length gowns to give the night an Oscar-esque feeling! Another substitute for pricey hanging crystals can be glass icicle ornaments (especially if you hit holiday clearance sales). I found the ones below on Amazon for $5.65 for 12. You can also check Craigslist to see if any brides are ready to sell them after their big day!




  • Peonies- These flowers are only in bloom two months out of the year…that means they are in high demand and expensive!

Peony Bouquet Photo from BrocadeNashville.com


  • Garden Roses- They are available year-round and come in an assortment of colors. They have the same multiple layered petals and textures that make them appear to be peonies for a fraction of the cost!

Photo and Summer Rose Bouquet from Branches Floral.Blogspot.com



  • Neutral Color Palettes- browns, ivories and creams with pops of black or layers of blush



  • Neutral Color Palettes- Easy! Work with your linen choices at your venue! Choose neutral tones and add a black napkin or blush seat cover. Ribbons and candles can make these color palettes pop!



  • Garlands- Crystal garlands can be found in chandeliers, ceilings as table runners and more!


  • Garlands- You can use acrylic garlands and have them draped around your centerpieces. You can also use paper garlands to create table runners, ceremony decorations or to adorn centerpieces. You can make them yourself or even use a kit from Michaels or A.C. Moore (remember your 40% and 50% off coupons!)


  • Foil Stamped Invitations- The metallic look of an engraved and foil stamped invitation is lovely and expensive! Golds, silver and bronze foil stamped invitations are popular designs.


  • Foil Print Stickers, Glitter, Embossed Invitations, Metallic Stamping- Time to stock up on those craft store coupons! You can use an embossing tool to create a foil stamp look to a feature on your invitations (this would be time consuming). You could also print foil stickers using foil paper from Avery or a craft cutting machine such as the Silhouette Cameo to create touches for your invitations. Avoid the gold foil circles or it will look like you gave your invites an award! You can also add some glitter to create a metallic look. The easiest may be to use a stamp and metallic ink pads to stamp a design or monogram onto the center or corners of your invitations. This is an inexpensive, beautiful, easy and less time-consuming method to achieve that embossed foil look.

Hobby Lobby embossed foil stickers, $2.99. These can be cut into sections and used on invites.



  • Plated Dinners with Gold Place Settings- The food resembles restaurant faire at the finest establishments surrounded by gold plates and silverware.


  • Plated Dinner with Gold Napkin Rings or Gold Chargers- If you can afford plated dinners, ask your venue if they will give you a discount if guests choose their meal in the RSVP card. This will help the venue save money (they can order ahead) and cut you a break while still giving your guests the elegance of a sit down plated dinner. You can use gold napkin rings to add the gold elegance to the table and then have them serve double duty and be used as favors! You can even rent gold chargers (or ask the venue if they can supply them) or wait for them to go on sale for 99 cents at Michaels or A.C. Moore (still pricey per guest). You can save more money and just use the chargers in centerpieces.


Hobby Lobby gold charger, $1.99



  • Culinary Heritage- More brides and grooms are having entrees or food stations that reflect their heritage.


  • Culinary Heritage Appetizers, Dessert or Favors- It would be more cost-effective to choose an already offered appetizer that may reflect your heritage. If this isn’t available, ask if you can bring your own desserts to be put on trays or tables from a bakery or supplier that specializes in sweet treats from your heritage. You could also wrap individual heritage treats for favors and keep the heritage in but the insane cost out!



  • Pork- The entrees featured on the menu for the main course are now featuring pork…the other white meat.


  • Pork- You can choose appetizers that include the other white meat. You may also be able to substitute pork medallions or another pork dish in your meal options for guests. I suggest making pork an option but not a sole menu choice for all guests. Many religions do not allow followers to consume pork or perhaps you have some guests who would simply prefer another option.



  • Tequila- This alcohol is now the new “it shot” at weddings…funny when I think glamour and elegance (the other trends) …I don’t think tequila!


  • Mixed Tequila Drinks or BYOT- Many venues don’t allow straight shots because it increases the bar tab for an open bar or it poses too much of a risk for rowdiness as the night goes on. You can ask if your bartender can make tequila sunrises or another mixed drink as a featured drink for the night (think signature drinks a la David Tutera). You can also ask if you can bring your own bottles of tequila to be served to guests and to also bring down the cost.

tequila sunrise image from Wikipedia



  • Colorful Custom Cakes- A custom wedding cake can be very expensive and as beautiful as it looks, it isn’t a lasting item. Brides are opting for cakes with a pop of color or total color in the form of colored appliques. Lace and bridal gown designs are still popular too.


  • Colorful Bow or Flowers- You can take the plain cake supplied by your venue (which is usually pretty good and you can research the bakery and the options it offers) and add a real bow or some colorful flowers from your florist to create the pop of color. If you are a great baker, you can use sugar sheets, rolled fondant or even lace imprints for fondant to create a custom cake of your dreams…or get a friend to do it!


  • Custom Music- Song selections for a wedding can vary from disco, to jazz, oldies and club music. Variety is key at receptions, nobody wants the typical reception soundtrack. Some brides are even pairing live bands with DJs to create an all out custom experience.



  • DJ, Ipod, DJ in a box- Luckily most DJ’s take your song selection requests for no extra charge and can easily accommodate requests within minutes with their equipment linked to online music retailers. If you can’t afford a DJ, you can still keep your guests dancing with an Ipod or laptop hooked up to a rented speaker system or you can rent a Quebbie DJ in a Box. The Quebbie DJ in a Box is a ready to go music system and speakers that allows you to preset your music selections and let it play for hours.


  • DIY Weddings and Green Weddings- recycled paper invitations, homemade decor and environmental friendly favors are all the rage even for the most elite brides


  • DIY Weddings and Green Weddings- You know all about this already! Making your own invitations that contain minimal paper waste, creating your own bouquets from local florists and seasonal flowers, using natural items (such as stones, shells or wood pieces) to create your own place seating cards…the possibilities are endless! You can also find affordable favors that will make your guests smile, without going over budget and minimizing your carbon imprint. I love paper seed packets that come in a variety of shapes and colors. They are DIY and green favors. You can attach a tag saying “Make love grow” or something similar. Guests can take them home to have a lasting gift from your big day.

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