Something Blue Bridal or Bridesmaid Earrings from 1SaleaDay for only $24.99!



If you are looking for your “something blue” or just want some really elegant earrings…you may want to head over to 1SaleaDay to score these earrings! The earrings are only $24.99 and are regularly priced at $479.99!!!! That is 95% savings! They come in different colors so you can even order them to match your bridesmaid gowns and use them as bridesmaid gifts They are sterling silver with 1/10 carat diamond trim and 6 +- carat gemstone! They would look very sparkly and elegant for the big day! Hurry though! This sale ends at Midnight…YIKES!


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Michaels Bridal Deals for the Week of August 5th!


Michaels has some pretty decent coupons this week. There is a coupon for 40% off one regularly priced item. There is a coupon for an additional 20% off tabletop frames, wall frames and display cases. This coupon  can be used on sale but not clearance items…nice! There is also a coupon for an additional 25% off your entire regular purchase of ribbon (it does not appear to include sale items). The coupons can be found here.


Here are the Michaels Bridal Deals for the Week of August 5th:

  • New Styles Baskets, 40% off: There are some really fun prints included in this sale! These can be used as toiletry baskets for the restrooms, baskets of programs and favors plus more! Bonus is that you can reuse them in your home after the wedding!
  • Open Stock Paper, 6 for $1 (regularly 59 cents, now 16 cents): I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!! These can be used to make inexpensive napkin rings, table seating cards, invitation decorations and more. GREAT PRICE! I will be buying some this week for my stepsister’s bridal shower!
  • Decorative Storage Paper Boxes, 40% off: These can be great decorative and inexpensive alternatives for the traditional card box (which you will NEVER use again!). After the wedding, you can use these boxes for great, fashionable storage.. I did!
  • Recollections Stickers and Embellishments, 50% off: I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!!! These are great as embellishments for invitations and table seating cards. This is an awesome price and will save you multiple coupon trips!
  • American Craft Paint, 77 cents (regularly $1.19): These paints can be used for painting table numbers, aisle runners or anything! I am not sure of the difference in quality but A.C. Moore has a different brand of acrylic paints on sale this week for 33 cents.
  • T-Shirts. 2 for $6 (regularly $3.99): These are great for making personalized shirts for the rehearsal. The sale includes multiple colors. HOWEVER, A.C. Moore has plain white shirts on sale for $1.99 this week.
  • Tabletop Frames, Wall Frames, Collage Frames, Display Cases and Shadow Boxes…40% off: Now if you pair this with the coupon mentioned above…you are saving 60%!!!! I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!!! These make great gifts for family or the bridal party if you fill them with pictures of memories. You can also create a collage display of you and your partner to be to display at the wedding!
  • Craft punches, 40% off: These are great if you are customizing favor tags, invitations or seating cards. They add a little extra pizzazz!
  • Ashland Natural Inspirations, 40% off: There is an awesome table number idea pictured in the flyer (painted numbers on burlap attached to steel pails). These are great accents for decor and centerpieces!
  • Trees, 40%: Maybe you were looking for some trees for decor!
  • Ashland Fall Vegetables, Fruits, Garlands, Berries and Craft Pumpkins: If you need these items for a fall 2012 item and you need multiple, this is an okay price. If you can wait for the price to drop for an end of fall or fall 2013 wedding…wait! These would be great for centerpiece decor!
  • Value Pack Paper, 3 for $10 (regularly $3.99): This is an okay price. These can be used to back invitations and programs.
  • Ashland Jar Candles and Warmers, 2 for $8: I am convinced these are on sale every week! I love these for centerpieces. You can choose a scent or color that goes with your theme and colors. Guests would love to take these home at the end of the night!
  • 10% off your entire order of Custom Photo Books, Cards and Calendars: Not much of a sale but if you are in a pinch…it helps!
  • Adhesive Refills and Runners, 40% off: These make making your own invites, table seating cards and more…a whole lot easier!
  • Wedding Invitation Close Out Buys, $9.99 (regularly $14.9 9 and up): If you can find enough boxes in the style you want…what a deal! These are most likely spring and summer wedding invitations so if you are looking for invitations for next year…I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!! You may be able to find some appropriate for winter and fall. Hey if you can’t find complete sets, you can always send one set to the groom’s side and another to the bride’s…who would know! 😛

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A.C Moore Bridal Deals for the Week of August 5th!


Finally the flyer and coupons are back! PHEW!!!

There is a great coupon this week at A.C. Moore! On Tuesday only you can score 50% off one regularly priced item. This is great for a big ticket item you have been waiting to purchase (I still am waiting for those percentages off sale and clearance item coupons…they are the best!). The rest of the week there is a coupon for 40% off one regularly priced item and hold onto the other 40% off one regularly priced item for next week (the dates differ). You can find the printable versions of these coupons here.


Here are the bridal deals at A.C. Moore for the week of August 5th:


  • Gildan White T-shirts, $1.99 (regularly $3.99) : This is a STOCK UP price!!! This is the lowest these shirts go (other lows run about $2.50). If you are making T-shirts for your wedding rehearsal or as gifts…STOCK UP NOW!!!!
  • Inkjet Transfer Paper, $6.99 (regularly $9.99): This would be great to pair with the T-shirt deal but you may be better off waiting for a 50% off coupon for this item but $3 off isn’t a bad deal if you need multiple packs.
  • Packaged Scrapbook Paper, 40% off: These papers can be used for programs and invitation backgrounds.
  • 18 oz. Solid Jar Candles, 3 for $10 (regularly $4.99): These can be used in centerpieces. You can choose scents that match your theme or color scheme. Guests would love to take these home at the end of the night!
  • Make n’ Mold Candy Wafers, $1.99 (regularly $2.49): This is an okay price. These can be used for favors or to make cake pops!
  • My Studio Craft Acrylic Paint, 33 cents (regularly 59 cents): This is a STOCK UP price!!!! These paints can be used for painting table numbers, aisle runners… you name it!
  • 25 count or 50 count Value Pack Cards and Envelopes in white, ivory and kraft, 50% off: This is a STOCK UP price! You can use these to make beautifully handpainted or stamped invitations (if you are handy with a printer you can work some magic!) or to craft some pretty fancy thank you cards for after the wedding. This is a great price!
  • Collage Frames, $10 (regularly $12.99-$26.99): These could be fun bridesmaid gifts if you fill them with some awesome pictures from past to present! This is an awesome price for the $26.99 sizes!!!!
  • Duck Tape, $3.97-$5.97: There is nothing Duck Tape can’t accomplish…nothing.
  • Aquatic Vases, $2.49 (regularly $3.99): These are great for centerpieces with tall flowers…swimming fish optional 🙂
  • Leather Handle Wicker Laundry Basket, $7.77 (regularly $14.99): Great price! This can hold programs and favors and then be reused after the big day!
  • Value Pack Sheer Bags 24 pack, 15 pack and 12 pack, $3.88 (regularly $5.00): These can be used for favors. If you need multiple packs in a rush, buy now. If you have time to spare and need many…make several trips and use your 50% off coupons on a nonsale day.
  • Harvest Baskets, 30% off: This price should get lower…especially if you are planning for a wedding fall 2013…wait for the drop! These can be used in centerpieces or as flower girl baskets for an autumn wedding.
  • Special Selection of Ribbon, 88 cents (regularly $1.00): These can be used for accenting centerpieces, bouquets, invitations and more…prices may drop lower.
  • Simply Fall Ribbon and Picks, 40% off: These would be great additions to fall decor for an autumn wedding. This includes scarecrows, imitation apples, gourds and more…good price for this fall 2012 but if you are planning for fall 2013…wait for the end of season clearance.


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Top Ten Tips for Saving Money on a Wedding!




1. Create a budget. The Knot has an awesome budget tool where you can put in your total budget and it allocates how much should be spent in each area. You then can adjust the areas to emphasize which take more priority than others. As you enter amounts, the budget tool automatically adjusts your remaining balance and totals for you. This is a must!

2. Plan ahead! Pick your theme, color and date at least one year ahead. This way you can shop season end clearances for your wedding’s seasonal items AND have time to wait for things to go on sale!

3. Don’t use Save the Dates: You don’t need them! If you want them, they can be fun and cute…but you don’t need them!

4. Make your own invitations: Really beautiful invitations can be made with a simple word processing or scrapbooking software. You can make 100 invitations for under $80 and still have them look customized and beautiful! Embellishments from craft stores and computer graphics can be used to inexpensively design memorable invitations with little experience!

5. Look for favors, shoes and jewelry outside bridal stores. You can usually get these items for almost 75% outside bridal shops because they aren’t tagged as “wedding” but they can still be used perfectly as wedding items. For instance, wine glasses in a favor shop may run $4-$8 a glass. However, you can buy painted wine glasses in your theme for about $1.99 at a non-bridal shop.

6. Check out Craigslist! Many brides sell items they won’t want to keep forever (such as flower girl baskets, aisle runners, extra favors, extra centerpieces, ring bearer pillows) for half the cost. You can also rent centerpieces from former brides!

7. Choose your items and wait for the sale. Everything goes on sale at least once…I am convinced…If you wait for it, it will come.

8. Plan a black and white wedding. This color combination is classy, varies the least and can be found everywhere even beyond bridal shops …which means you save money!

9. Register and use the rewards. Many registries offer incentives such as jewlery discounts, bridal salon discounts and cash back on your total registry purchases (ahem Macys!). Many also give you coupons that will help you save on things such as your honeymoon clothing and wedding jewelry.

10. Delay your honeymoon. Plan it for the off peak season and save some serious dough! Plus it will give you something else to look forward to in the future!


And now for a couple of bonus tips!

* Visit bridal shows and expos. The entry is usually free and they are a GREAT opportunity to comparison shop, find inspiration (that you can later adapt to your budget or own handiwork), win prizes and score some exclusive discounts and freebies. Plus…they are fun! Enjoy being bride and soak up the attention and perks!


** Have you tried Ebates yet? Ebates is an awesome program where you earn money back in gift cards for things you are buying online! It is free to join and you earn for every purchase you make. There are also special days where you can earn as much as 10% back! You also get special access to coupon codes. Stores such as Nordstroms, Macys, Vistaprint and Jo Ann Fabrics (plus thousands more!) are all included! I used Ebates while Christmas shopping this year and I made an additional $30 on things I was buying anyway! You get to choose your payment options too and receive bonus payments of $5 with any first purchase through Ebates. You don’t need a credit card or anything to join. You just sign up! When you are going to a site to make a purchase, go through Ebates first to search for the store and then continue to the store’s site. It’s that easy. If you are printing your own programs and invitations, you should check out some of their online ink dealers. I get my ink for 55% off through Ebates and their ink supply store partners! You can use the gift cards that you earn to buy gifts for your bridal party or even more things for the wedding! In the bridal planning world, it pays to shop online!


Sign up and check out Ebates here!




* Another great site for brides to be is a spot called Wedding Wire. Wedding Wire allows you to research reviews of your vendors, venues, salons and more from real brides in your area! You can search by name or by location. I found this really helpful when researching a salon and our photographer. Check them out here!

         If you are looking for FREE printables and how-to’s for your wedding, check out the DIY Bride site! This site offers free water bottle labels, booklet templates, wedding clip art and more! Every little bit helps! Plus there are also tutorials on how to make inexpensive items such as tin can luminarias, a list of popular wedding songs, templates for favor boxes and more! I love the wedding coloring book that you can print out for the little kids! Check out the site here!

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Michaels Bridal Weekly Deals for the Week of July 22nd!


Coupons were not too great this week. There was a 15% off total purchase, including sale items, coupon but it was only good from 3 pm to 7 pm on Sunday. The other coupon this week is 40% off one regularly priced item. This would be good to use on one thing you had your eye on but keep your eyes peeled for bonus coupons in the next few weeks to rack up savings on larger purchases.


Here are the bridal deals at Michaels for the week of July 22nd:


  • 50% off tabletop frames- These can be incoporated into decor, used as centerpieces or given as gifts! You may need to stock up for all those wedding photos you will be framing!
  • Acrylic Paint: 29 cents, regularly 59 cents. If you checked out my previous post about the unfinished wood clearance, you may want to stack up on these paints to complete the job!
  • 50% off Celebrate It ribbon: This ribbon can be used in bouquets, invitations or to dress up programs and favors. This is a good price to stock up on!
  • 50% off candleholders: The price will only get better if they are on clearance! Look for interesting unity candle holders, remembrance candle holders or even centerpiece holders! Great price!
  • 40% off Natural Inspirations: This includes colored glass bottles, pails, flower arrangements. You can find some great accents for tables especially for a spring wedding. You may want to wait until the price drops lower and it should. If not, you can always use those weekly 40% and 50% off coupons!
  • 12 pack votive holders with candles or 16 pack votive holders, $4.99, regularly $8.99: These are used everywhere! You may do better waiting for a tealight sale and votive clearance but the price is not too shabby!
  • Favor Kits, $14.99, regularly $19.99: If you are buying in bulk, this could be a good deal but you may would be better off using your weekly 40% coupons and waiting for a bonus coupon!
  • Invitation Kits Blowout for $9.99: AWESOME price!!! Make sure you have enough kits! Always overbuy! This is a great deal if you are getting married next year because these are typically seasonal. You can stop at several stores, they are still returnable on clearance!
  • Wilton Ready to Use Fondant or Decorator Icing, $14.99, regularly $16.99-$19.99: Okay price, but I would wait!
  • T-shirts, 2 for $6: These can drop down as low as 5 for $10 so you may want to wait! These are great for personalization for the bridal party!

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