My Bridal Shower Wedding Poem using the Best Chick Flick Romance and Wedding Movies!

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If you are a bridesmaid, perhaps you may consider creating a gift basket of fabulous wedding and romance movies. You can use the poem I wrote below to go along with it (just substitute names in the parentheses). You can have each bridesmaid read a stanza and hold up the movies that go with it. Many of the movies I found on DVD for under $5 on Amazon. You can also save money and just print out pictures of the movie poster images or DVD covers in color ink on cardstock. Guests can then vote for their favorite of all the movies or guess which one the bride likes best! Follow it up with a bridesmaid sleepover or get together and have a movie marathon!


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Chick-Flick Bridal Shower Poem!

It’s My Best Friend’s Wedding

And I have a lot to say

So (bride’s name)

Listen to my advice

And you will have a perfect wedding day!

No Dirty Dancing
when you and (groom’s name)

Have that first dance

Remember (name of father), the Father of the Bride

Reserved his dance with you in advance.

Don’t be the Runaway Bride

And leave too soon!

Don’t escape Before Sunrise

because (family member or friend) is planning on

partying till the next afternoon!

Please don’t make us try on

27 Dresses
that don’t fit right!

Just choose what you want,

Because there is no way

We are wearing it after the big night!

We don’t want any Wedding Crashers

So we hired security

Both (male) and (male) promised,

“Nobody’s getting through me!”

Please don’t let (friend’s name)

attempt to step in as The Wedding Singer !

Even though (he/she)

Thinks (he/she) is

(bride’s favorite singer)’s

dead ringer.

Have great aim

when you throw

that beautiful bouquet,

We all believe in Love Actually

And (single female friend’s or relative’s name) will tackle anyone who gets in her way!

We know (groom’s name) will think

Mamma Mia!

When his Pretty Woman

walks down the aisle

You won’t have to Say Anything…

He will just know by your smile.

You are destined to be,

A stunning Princess Bride.

Just know your Bridesmaids

and I

Will be standing

proudly by your side.

Follow my advice

and you will avoid

a My Big Fat Greek Wedding

like disaster!

Follow your heart

And you and (groom’s name)

will live happily Ever After !

This poem and post are the protected property of Kelly Maver and For Beer Budget Please feel free to share and reproduce the poem and materials but reference this site and Kelly Maver as the original author. Thank you!