My Yankee Candle Bridal Shower Poem

You may be familiar with the candle poem for a bridal shower. The premise is that the bride and groom receive a collection of candles in different colors to light with corresponding events in their future married life.

I decided to put my own spin on this tradition and give it a modern makeover. I wrote my own poem and candle descriptions to correspond to events in a married couple’s life together and used Yankee Candle votive candle scents. The name of each scent corresponds with a special event. I also found this awesome votive candle holder from IKEA. It has been in stock since I used this poem for my best friend’s bridal shower in 2007 so I don’t think it is going anywhere! I love this candle hold because all of the individual votive holders link together and can form a circle. They can also be unlinked and rearranged so that as events happen in their lives they can rearrange the candles in order!

The IKEA candle holder is $8.99 for 12 candle holders. The votives are $1.99 each (keep your eyes peeled for awesome Yankee Candle coupons that come around seasonally). You can browse all the votive scents here.

A 12 candle arrangement will run you just about $33 which isn’t too shabby for a personal, memorable gift from the bridal it is fun for your guests!

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Check out my poem and descriptions below!

 Dear (Bride’s Name and Groom’s Name),

When two people marry,

Their lives link and become one.

Entwined, connected

A new life and chain of events have begun.


The circle of candles,

Represents the milestones and special days.

The memories that build a marriage

As you enter each new phase.


As you light each candle,

Reflect on your lives and marriage wishes.

Life is unpredictable

So feel free to change the order and make switches!


We wish you many years

Of love and good fortune as a pair.

Cherish each memory

In the new united life

You will share!



Wedding Day

  Light this candle on your first night as a married couple. Your new life has begun!


Mandarin Cranberry

Light this candle on your first Thanksgiving. Who’s cooking?

Christmas Cookie

Light this candle on your first Christmas together.

Enjoy it as you decorate and listen to Dominick the Donkey on repeat!


Midnight Jasmine

Light this candle on your first New Years’ Eve.


Another year together!


True Rose

Light this candle on your first Valentines’ Day.

Cupid would be proud!


Midsummer’s Night

(this scent can be replaced with any seasonal scent depending on when the couple is getting married)-

Light this candle to remember your first anniversary together.

Reflect on your first year together and your special evening one year ago.

It’s a  great night to watch the wedding video!


Home Sweet Home

Light this candle when you have officially moved into your first new home together.

Unpack later!


Whoopie Pie!

Light this candle the day you find out you are pregnant with your first child.

Then go buy out all the baby books in Barnes and Noble.


Soft Blanket

Light this candle the day your first child is born!

This is your first day as a new family.

It’s video camera and mini van time!


Vanilla Cupcake

Light this candle on your child’s first birthday.

Then clean the ice cream cake out of his/her hair.



Light this candle on your child’s first day of school.

You are your child’s first teachers.

Now you just have to share him/her a little!


Enjoy your years and memories together!

We will be with you every link of the way!



Your Family and Friends


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My Bridal Shower Wedding Poem using the Best Chick Flick Romance and Wedding Movies!

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If you are a bridesmaid, perhaps you may consider creating a gift basket of fabulous wedding and romance movies. You can use the poem I wrote below to go along with it (just substitute names in the parentheses). You can have each bridesmaid read a stanza and hold up the movies that go with it. Many of the movies I found on DVD for under $5 on Amazon. You can also save money and just print out pictures of the movie poster images or DVD covers in color ink on cardstock. Guests can then vote for their favorite of all the movies or guess which one the bride likes best! Follow it up with a bridesmaid sleepover or get together and have a movie marathon!


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Chick-Flick Bridal Shower Poem!

It’s My Best Friend’s Wedding

And I have a lot to say

So (bride’s name)

Listen to my advice

And you will have a perfect wedding day!

No Dirty Dancing
when you and (groom’s name)

Have that first dance

Remember (name of father), the Father of the Bride

Reserved his dance with you in advance.

Don’t be the Runaway Bride

And leave too soon!

Don’t escape Before Sunrise

because (family member or friend) is planning on

partying till the next afternoon!

Please don’t make us try on

27 Dresses
that don’t fit right!

Just choose what you want,

Because there is no way

We are wearing it after the big night!

We don’t want any Wedding Crashers

So we hired security

Both (male) and (male) promised,

“Nobody’s getting through me!”

Please don’t let (friend’s name)

attempt to step in as The Wedding Singer !

Even though (he/she)

Thinks (he/she) is

(bride’s favorite singer)’s

dead ringer.

Have great aim

when you throw

that beautiful bouquet,

We all believe in Love Actually

And (single female friend’s or relative’s name) will tackle anyone who gets in her way!

We know (groom’s name) will think

Mamma Mia!

When his Pretty Woman

walks down the aisle

You won’t have to Say Anything…

He will just know by your smile.

You are destined to be,

A stunning Princess Bride.

Just know your Bridesmaids

and I

Will be standing

proudly by your side.

Follow my advice

and you will avoid

a My Big Fat Greek Wedding

like disaster!

Follow your heart

And you and (groom’s name)

will live happily Ever After !

This poem and post are the protected property of Kelly Maver and For Beer Budget Please feel free to share and reproduce the poem and materials but reference this site and Kelly Maver as the original author. Thank you!