Affordable and Unique Vellum Table Number Idea!

I just found the seller Paperpixie on Etsy and I am obsessed! There are so many inexpensive wedding day customizations available at her Etsy Store. I was originally brought to the store because I saw the vellum table numbers. The table numbers sell for between$1.00- $2.25 each (some are a few cents more) and can be customized to your liking.

You can use the free tealights and tealight holders from your venue (many venues provide these for no extra charge) and then wrap the vellum around them for an inexpensive, EASY, time saving but high end customized look! Just be sure that the votive holder is higher than the tea light for safety reasons.You could easily frame one of these vellum wrappers after the big day or scrapbook it! There are a ton of options to go with any theme!

Here are some of my favorite vellum table number picks from The Paperpixie on Etsy!



DIY Inexpensive Table Numbers!



If you have a theme or color scheme to your wedding…why not dress up the table with some inexpensive but memorable table numbers? There are so many different options to create inexpensive table numbers that will add to your table decor! Here is one!


Wooden Shapes

My theme was dragonflies so I made the table numbers pictured in the photo above. I found these wood cut-outs on sale for $1 at the Dollar Tree. I then painted them with acrylic paint (on sale at the craft stores), sprayed them with varnish (also on sale at a craft store) and hot glued them to metal stands (I am not sure what they were originally!) from Home Goods which cost 49 cents each! I also painted each table number to have a detail that matched the number. For instance, the dragonfly at the 11th table had 11 peaks painted in each section. I made sure they were visible from each side. The project cost me about $2 a table and it was fun!

You can customize your theme using any wooden shape, acrylic colors in your theme and picture stands (fairly inexpensive!).