Something Blue “I Do” Shoe Decals!

I have been off this week because I was traveling for two weddings but I am back and loaded with inspiration! I just found these adorable “I Do” shoe appliques that you can use as your something blue for your wedding day! They go right on the bottom of your shoes in the sole area. These would be adorable for your photos! They are also inexpensive! Most are under $6 for the set. Some even include shipping (don’t pay nearly double the price for the shipping…that’s nuts). This is an inexpensive way to dress up any nice heels to make them shoes for your special day!

Here are some of the ones I found!

You can probably make them yourself but it wouldn’t save you that much and they seem to be time consuming as well! However I know the Silhouette Cameo does have a feature for making stickable gemstone designs! Check them out!