Michaels Deals for the Week of March 3rd!

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There are three coupons available for Michaels this week. There is a $5 off every $25 purchase for 03/04 and 03/05. This works in increments of $25 so if you spend $50, you save $10. This is only available online. There is another online and flyer coupon for 20% off your total purchase of tabletop frames. wall frames and shadow boxes. This is one of my favorite coupons because it can usually be used with sales on the frames as well! Nicw stock up price for centerpiece frames, bridal party gifts


Here are some of the best deals for brides to be this week at Michaels:


  • Glass Gems and River Rock, 50% off: I DO DEAL! This is one of the cheapest pricest of the year. If you need multiple bags, use that $5 off $25 for an awesome deal. These make great centerpiece fillers that are reusable!


  • Elmers’ Tri-Fold Boards, Buy One and Get One Free: These can be decorated to make affordable and fancy looking seating charts or to display favors and more. This is an I DO DEAL!


  • Spool of Ribbom, 4 for $1: Invitaion Ties, Faor Tags, Bouquet Adornments…you can do wonders with this stuff!


  • Ash;and Home Containers, 50% off: These are awesome for centerpieces, especially for rustic, garden or weddings using shades of green.


  • Oversized Party Glasses, $11.99: Great centerpiece items for a reception or shower. This isn’t a great price (they are normally $14.99-$16.99) because 40% coupons would be better but the Mon-Tue coupon can offset the costs.
  • Glass Vases and Jars, $2.99 (reg. $3.99, $4.99): perfect for centerpieces


  • Decorative Paper Boxes. 40% off: I highly recommend one of these as your card box. It is cheaper, prettier and you can reuse it after the big day!


  • Ashland Jar Candles, 2 for $7: These are always on sale! They would be nice in a centerpiece for a shower or reception and guests would love to take these home! Match scent or color to your theme.


  • Ashland Candles, 40%: Great decor for ceremony and centerpieces


  • Frames and Shadow Boxes, 25%-50% off: This is an excellent deal especially when you pair it with the additional 20% off coupon! These are great for bridal party gifts (photos for your parents, collages for your bridesmaids) and ceremony and receoption decor (frame pictures of you as a couple, display family wedding photos)


  • Baskets, 50% off: Look for great baskets for programs and favors. You can also find some beautiful inexpenisve baskets to use for your flower girl petals!


  • Brides Magazine 30-40 count invitiation kits, $29.99: Wait and use your 40% off coupons when these aren’t on sale. You will save $10 this week. They are worth buying this week if you use the $5 off $25 coupon but if you have time to stop in and use your 40% coupons to pick up kits…that will get you a better price.


  • Favor Kits, 30% off


  • Guest Books, Flower Girl Baskets, Ring Bearer Pillow, Unity Candle and Sand Sets, Toasting Glasses, Cake Serving Sets, Cake Toppers…25% off: I’d wait to use coupons when these items aren’t on sale.


  • Bubble Kits, Mint Drops, 12 ct. Organza Bags, Jordan Almonds, Favor Kits, 30% off: decent price if you are stocking up and using the special two day coupon


  • Aisle Runner and Tulle 35% off: not the best price but pretty decent


  • Gartner Wedding Invitations $9.99 for orig. $15.00 set and $19.99 for orig. $25.00 set: If you can wait for a nonsale week and use your coupons, you can save more on these than you will this week.


  • MiDesign Michaels Items, 25% off


  • Stamps, 40% off: Find a stamp you love and it can become a trademark for your wedding! Use it again and again on invitations, thank you cards, favor tags, programs and more!


  • Recollections Embellishments, Buy One and Get One for 50% off: These can be used to make beautiful invitations that “pop” for less!


  • Americana Acrylic Paint, 77 cents: I have seen these go as low as 39 cents but it’s’ not often. These paints can be used for everything and anything!



Michaels Deals for Brides for the week of September 2nd!



Michaels has great coupons this week! YAY!!!! There is a coupon for 50% off any regularly priced item for Sunday and Monday only. Sunday and Monday also have another bonus coupon for 15% off your total purchase including sale items!!! YAY! This is one of my favorites and I will be using it for our upcoming shower (I will post pics when it is complete with some budget friendly ideas!).  Another coupon is for 50% off any regularly priced bakeware item for Friday through Monday. Sunday through Saturday you can use a coupon for 25% off regularly priced ribbon. There is a coupon for 40% off your entire sale and regular purchase of artist acrylics, paints, brushes, markers and pencils. Another bonus coupon is for 25% off your entire purchase of wall and tabletop frames, framed art and display cases, this includes sale items! There is a coupon good for Tuesday through Saturday for 40% off any one regularly priced item. It’s a good week for coupons! Finally!


Here are the Michaels Bridal Deals for the Week of September 2nd:

  • Ashland Fall Bushes and Garlands, 40% off: These would be great for decorating tables or arches for a nice fall wedding!
  • D-Ring Scrapbooks, 40% off: Great for a bride to be’s shower or as personal gifts (when you fill them with memories!)
  • Decorative Storage Paper Boxes, 30% off: These can be great decorative and inexpensive alternatives for the traditional card box (which you will NEVER use again!). After the wedding, you can use these boxes for great, fashionable storage.. I did! These usually go on sale for 40% -50%off so you may want to wait or you can use the 10% off bonus coupon!
  • Ashland Fall and Sunset Field Stems, 99 cents (regularly $1.99): I DO STOCK UP PRICE for Fall 2012…you can wait for the clearance if you are planning for Fall 2013. These can be used to make flower girl headbands and baskets. You can also submerge them in cylinder vases in water for awesome centerpieces!
  • New Style Baskets, 40% off: These can be used for programs and favors. Personalized Carved Pumpkins $14.99 and up: I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!! I am not sure if these are real or fake (I am assuming fake which would be even better!) If you can keep them around the $14.99 range, you can score some inexpensive, cool and keepsake centerpieces for an autumn wedding! You can have your design in it or make them into brides and grooms. Light them with LED lights, surround them with inexpensive votives, scattered fall leaves and you have some cool centerpieces that people would love to take home! You cna even have the pumpkins done in colors! AWESOME!
  • T-shirts, 2 for $6: This is a decent price for color shirts. I have seen white shirts go for as low as $1.99 but the color ones usually only drop down to $2.50 and that’s rare! These are fun to make for the bridal party for the rehearsal!
  • Flameless LED Candles, 40% off (for Michaels Rewards members only…sign up before you go, it’s free!): I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!!! If you combine this with the 15% off coupon, you have some deal!!!
  • Americana Acrylic Paints, 40% off (regularly $1.19, now 71 cents): I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!! These can be used for everything!
  • Celebrate it Craft Pumpkins, 40% off ($9.99, regularly $12.99): Use the bonus 15% for an I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!!! These would make great additions to fall wedding centerpieces and you can use these year after year in decor or allow your guests to take them home! You won’t have to worry about natural pumpkin rot either!
  • Ashland Fall Fruit and Vegetables, Berries and Premade Arrangements, 30% off: This is an okay price and they can be incorporated into beautiful fall centerpieces.
  • Natural Inspirations, 50% off: I DO STOCK UP PRICE!!! These make beautiful centerpieces fo a white, green, ivory or spring wedding. Use the bonus coupon!!!
  • Ashland Fall Potted Arrangements, 40% off: Cheaper than real flowers! You can use these as aisle  or altar decor for your ceremony!
  • Handcrafted Floral Arrangements, 40% off: This excludes made to order items. If you are shopping for this fall, you can shop now and choose different pieces for a varied but color consistent set of centerpieces. If you are shopping for next fall, wait for the end of season clearance which goes as low as 75%!
  • Value Pack Paper, 40% off ($7.79, regularly $12.99:  Great for invite backings and programs! You can also use this paper to make inexpensive napkin rings!
  • Recollections Tools, 40% off: These tools are helpful for designing your own invites!
  • Ashland Jar Candles, 2 for $8: I am convinced these are on sale every week! I love these for centerpieces. You can choose a scent or color that goes with your theme and colors. Guests would love to take these home at the end of the night! These have been on sale for over a month so far!
  • Halloween Decor, 30% off: If you are buying for this season, the price is okay. If you are buying for next year…wait for the clearance!
  • Design Online 12 x 12 Photo Books, 25% off: This is an okay price but I’ve seen better deals in other weeks.


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