Michaels Deals for the week of February 10th



It is a slower week at Michaels this week. However chocolate making supplies are on sale so if you are in need…stock up! Also look for some of the love themed ones to go on clearance next week! Stock up time!

* Ashland Home Decor Accents, assorted varieties= 40% off (these are great for centerpieces, you can find beautiful items to incoporate that people will want to take home and that will cut down on your need for fresh flowers…and your cost!)

* Candy Melts= $1.99 (This is the lowest I have seen them go in a long time, however they will be at this price again, they usually don’t drop much lower. You can use these for cake pop favors, lollipop favors and more!)

* Valentine Flower Strands= 60% off (Can be used for flower girl accents)

* Valentine Ribbon= 60% off (use these ribbons for favor tags, invitation embellishments and more!)

The coupon this week is for 40%…nothing to new! There was a 25% off original priced purchases but that isn’t an extreme deal and it was only good on Sunday.

Michaels bridal deals for the week of July 8th


This week at Michaels there is a 40% off coupon. This is an average coupon and won’t result in as many great deals as last week.

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Here are the deals this week:

Swarovski elements: 2 for $5. These are regularly $4.89 so this is a pretty great price. You can use these to embellish shoes, candles, favors, bouquets and hair pieces.

Glass cylinder vases and jars: $3. This is not the best price. These can be used for centerpieces and decor.

Glass beads,stones and rocks: $1 a bag. Pair these up with the vases to create custom colored decor. This is a pretty good price. This is more than a 50% discount so stock up!

Shadow boxes and display cases: 49% off. This is pretty good but some weeks an additional 15% coupon can be used on top of the sale prices…that’s an even sweeter deal. These can be used as gifts for family members.

Connections and expressions table top frames: 40% off. These can be used for gifts for your bridal party or in your decor and centerpieces.

Custom invitations: 20% off.

Spool o’ ribbon: 3 for $1. These can be used for decorating and adding embellishments onto invitations or bouquets.

Celebrate It purple 360 ribbon: 2 for $5. Tis is an item of the week and it is now priced at more than 50% off. Great stock up price if you need purple ribbon in your decor or invites!

Celebrate It Lux ribbon: 50% off, another great price break on high end ribbon

T-shirts: 5 for $10. This is a low price for shirts. They usually hover on sale at $2.50 and regularly at $3.99. These are fun for creating custom shirts for the rehearsal using paint, beads, iron on transfers or patches!

Decorative paper storage boxes and baskets: 50% off. The boxes can be used for decorative, keepsake money boxes and the baskets can be decorated and used to hold favors, toiletries, flower girl petals and programs.

Acrylic paints: 3 for $2. This is an okay price, it will come down a little lower. Paints can be used for centerpieces, aisle runners and more!

Jar candles: 2 for $8. The unique scents can be worked into centerpieces for your theme. Guests would love to take these home!

Ashland Coastal Collection and Citrus Garden Party: 50% off. Shop ahead for a beach themed wedding to score some cool centerpiece items and favors!

Value pack cards: 3 for $10. You can use these to make you own inexpensive invitations.

Recollections embellishments: 40% off. These can be used for beautiful handmade invitations!

Celebrate It invitation kits: 30% off

Brides invitation kits: $30 , not the best price only a $9 savings

Bridal accents and favor kits: 25% off

Clearance invitations: $9.99 , you can find some great deals here especially if you buy seasons ahead.

Bridal lighted archway: $35, regularly $49.99.