Michaels $1000 David Tutera Wedding Contest

Want a chance at your own “My Fair Wedding” and a chance to win a $1000 to Michaels (ohhhh the damage I could do with that!)? Enter the David Tutera Dream Wedding Sweepstakes from Michaels! The winner receives a $1000 gift card to Michaels and an exclusive one-hour wedding consultation with David Tutera…the David Tutera as in Disney Dream Weddings and My Fair Wedding! NICE! Enter here before May 31st!

Good Luck!

Money Saving Tip!

Here’s a tip to save some money on your bridal shower or future wedding…look for the after Valentines’ clearances at craft stores and card stores in the weeks to come. You can score heart shaped candies, chocolates, ribbon and more for between 40% and 75% off. That is HUGE savings! Now you don’t want it to look like Valentines’ Day threw up on your wedding nor do you want to stockpile chocolates for a wedding that is happening next year. However, if you are getting married in the next few months, why not look for chocolate hearts and candies for inexpensive favors or for a candy station? Why not tie guest cards or invitations off with a heart ribbon?

If you add a few post-Valentine elements here and there, you can achieve elegance, personality and save yourself some money! Look for sales on candy melts and candy making supplies (sticks, bags, ties) to make your own chocolate lollipop favors or cake pops!

Remember the key to saving is to plan and buy ahead of time!

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