Trending…Step and Repeat Photography for Your Event!


If you have some room in your budget, you may want to create a red carpet experience for your big day by setting up a “step and repeat” photography area. Step and repeat photography is what you see at movie premieres, celebrity fundraisers and more. It is simply when someone steps up to a created background, stops and takes pictures and then it is repeated with the next person. Envision the paparazzi camera bulbs flashing like crazy as Angelina Jolie shows off her gown. You can ask your photographer is they have affordable options for this package. I was speaking with Abacus Wedding Studios in NJ and they offer this to their clients. Your photographer may even be able to include a custom background. The collage photos directly below are from Abacus Wedding Studios. They took the Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie poster (featuring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) and converted it to create this couple’s special background!


photo from Abacus Wedding Studios


photo from Abacus Wedding Studios


Perhaps to be more budget savvy, you could create your own custom background for a step and repeat photo session and use the photos for favors. You don’t want a pure white background (the flash may reflect too much) or a too dark background (it can create shadowing). You can create a logo or monogram for your big day and have it repeat on a background. You can also choose to make a scene reflecting one of your favorite places to go (or hope to go) as a couple. Perhaps Mother Nature or your venue has supplied an awesome area to use for background as well.

Wedding Step and Repeat Photo from Step and

Whether you are creating your own background for a step and repeat photo-op or working with a photographer, consider these tips from


Example step and repeat background for a wedding from

  • Watch the size of your background. 8×8 is the most popular size with 8×10 and 8×12 for larger events. 8×4 can be shot carefully for small events. If the background is too small, it will look goofy when a group is in front of it. If you want to use a smaller size, limit group size and make sure the photographer can zoom in and crop so that outlying edges are not showing.


  • Hide the seam or make it seamless. You want the guests, not the seam to be the focal point.


  • Use a matte background. This will cut down on the glare.


  • Consider a slight gray background color. This will make the background appear white while reducing the glare a true white matte background can produce.


  • Use colors from your wedding pallet!


  • Don’t use more than 6 logos or it will be too busy. In fact 2-4 is just right!


  • Use Vector logos and graphics. They won’t become pixellated when sized.


  • Size your logos properly. Five inches to 9 inches is just right!


  • Roll it! Do not fold your background or you will wind up with folds in your background.


  • If you are going the DIY route to save some money you may want to opt for a solid background or make one yourself using a stamp, awesome fabric or even hanging draping ribbons. Vinyl printing of this size can begin at $100 and it goes up easily from there. However you can paint plywood and use stencils to create your own background or use PVC pipes to hang fabric. You may even be able to attach it to the wall of your venue (ask first!) Don’t forget that natural scenery inside and outside your venue is free!