Two of My Favorite Books for Newlyweds!

Marriage is wonderful but it also comes with a learning curve. Partners think differently and are shaped by our own experiences, personalities and beliefs. One of the key components of marriage is the ability to step outside yourself and see situations from your spouse’s perspective.

Here are two resources that help with just that! Read on to find out more about two of my favorite marriage must have books!

Now of course there will also be individuals that don’t fit into a generalization but I found this book to be spot on. It really helped me understand my husband’s perspective and strengths. I also shared the information with him to explain why certain things tend to come more easily to me and other things not so much! This book answers time tested questions such as, “Why can’t my husband find anything in the refrigerator?” and “Why is it that I can listen to four conversations at once in a diner but my husband needs silence for one?” It’s not idiosyncrasies…it’s science! This husband and wife author team use both their voices and perspectives to create a book based on the science of the female and male brain to explain what each needs, excels and struggles with in day to day life and the biological reasons behind it all. There is even a quiz for you and your partner to take to examine your own brain needs. It is a quick read with many visuals to break down complicated concepts.


This book isn’t just great for marriages…it is a wonderful resource for understanding  all of your loved ones. The idea is that we all view , give and feel love based on our own love language. Sometimes couples (or even children and relatives) do not have the same love language and miss the signs of love that they should be receiving…or sharing. Knowing your own love language is important to helping your spouse understand what you look for to feel loved and how you show it. Perhaps your love language is doing service acts. You pack your spouse lunch, you drop off their mail at the post office, you let them sleep in and handle the morning routine. You may expect those same things in return to feel loved but maybe your spouse’s love language is spending time with you. They may expect you to sleep in with them in the morning, pack lunches together, plan errands to do with each other…same message..LOVE but different languages. This book is such an important read. It really changes the way you receive and do little things each day. It can help you see your loved ones with new eyes and a new appreciation.