Tie-Dye Birthday Party Ideas

The ideas here can be used for a birthday party or for a fun shower (depending on the bride to be…I have one cousin this would be perfect for ..ahem Britt!).


First thing is first. As I always say, the key to saving is planning ahead! Check your flyers for when tie-dye kits go on sale. Otherwise, stock up early using your 40% and 50% off craft store coupons. Check for special clearances around June on tie-dye. I was able to score small kits for only $2 that had all types of special tools such as lace templates and more. These were a big hit!


You will need about one kit for every four to five tie-dyers! Splurge for the bottle kits. They save you a ton of time and are worth every penny. There is no boiling or extra work and clean up is a breeze! Also you can get rubber bands and dropcloths for only a $1 at most dollar stores.

Michaels and A.C. Moore typically have t-shirts on sale for $2.50 at least once a month. You can sometimes get them for $1.99 about every three months. Stock up when you see this price! Hanes shirts typically run about $8 for three so you are better off purchasing from the craft store sales. If this is still to pricey, opt for things such as stretchy headbands, socks or bandanas for more affordable options.

For a bridal shower, you can have people dye pajama caminsoles, socks,  underwear and boy shorts! You can also have them dye table cloths, cloth napkins, sheets and other fun items. Perhaps even the bride’s something blue!


Invitations: These are fun! Use a children’s spin art machine to “tie-dye” a square of white paper or cardstock. out a small t-shirt from a square of cardstock or paper. Create hearts in Microsoft Word to fill out with all the party information. Cut these out and attach them to your mini t-shirts with minimized clip art clothespins or the real miniature clothespins from a craft store (printable is cheaper!).  See the images below!




Spin-Art Invitation


Favors: I gave out colored hair extensions ($1 for a pack of 6 at Michaels) so guests could tie-dye their hair. Check out my daughter modeling one!



* We played pin the “pin” on the tie-dye shirt. I clothespinned a tie-dye shirt to posterboard and put stick backs on seventies inspired pins ($1 for 8 at Michaels). Closest to the center wins!

* I also had a t-shirt coloring page printed out. My daughter created a t-shirt design with eight elements on it. She showed it to the guests for thirty seconds. They then had to try and recreate her shirt on their blank t-shirt printable. The guest who had most of the elements included and matched won the game!

You can use this printable here from the Family Education web site.


Cake: We cut out a t-shirt from posterboard. We then attached mini-cupcakes to the board using glue dots. We iced the cupcakes in white icing and swirled in food dye. We arranged them on the cardboard so that it appeared to be a tie-dyed shirt!


I have also seen this idea for tie-dye cupcakes from Betty Crocker.


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