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TLC is currently casting for many of their popular wedding shows. You don’t receive compensation for travel expenses or for being on the shows (except for the chance to win a honeymoon on Four Weddings) but it is a fun way to remember and document your wedding planning!Here are the current shows casting and links to the applications! Good luck!


Say Yes to the Dress: Kleinfeld’s, NYC

* Try to submit interesting and beautiful pictures of you and your groom to be! Unusual and heartwarming stories help you in the selection process! This show documents your search for the perfect wedding gown at Kleinfeld’s in NYC!

Say Yes to the Dress Application


Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta and Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids Atlanta: Bridals by Lori  Atlanta, GA

* This show requests that you send your information via email. It isn’t a formal application but it would help to look at Kleinfeld’s application to get an idea of what you should include. This show documents your search for the perfect wedding gown at Bridals by Lori in Atlanta, Georgia

Email your information to



Randy to the Rescue: Randy travels! 

* This show requests that you send your information via email. Again it helps to have a good backstory or share an aspect that makes you unique!

Email your name, wedding date, location and age to


Four Weddings: Brides within 1 hour of NYC, Pittsburgh and Seattle who have wedding dates between June 2013-October 2013

You have the opportunity to win a dream honeymoon if your wedding is voted  the best out of four…but careful…the votes are casted by fellow brides to be who will attend your event. You will also get to be a guest at their weddings and rate and vote accordingly! If you have a thick skin and don’t mind hearing criticism about your special day…sign up! Just remember to add three more guests into your budget (unless TLC picks up the tab?!) and ask yourself if the competition would take away from your big day…if so…PASS.

To apply, email your contact information, picture of you and your fiance and your wedding date to



Something Borrowed, Something New: various locations

If you are debating on whether to borrow a special dress or buy a new one, you may be interested in this show. A borrowed dress can receive a makeover but all the while you may be tempted to go for a new dress altogether! Send your contact information, age, location, wedding date and pictures of the dress you currently have plus a description of why you would be perfect for this show to



I Found the Gown: VOWS bridal outlet in the Boston Area

If you are looking for a discounted designer gown (and what beer budget bride isn’t?!) then send your contact information, age, wedding date and photos to Big personalities are a bonus!


Good luck! Come back and post if you are accepted!

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